Über alles vernünftige Maß hinaus

(Beyond all reasonable measure)
Based on archival research I chose texts from the Düsseldorfer Kunstverein which were published between 1929 and 1956 to reflect on the role of art institutions and individuals before and after the Third Reich. In three chapters three actors recite the texts and bring them to life in their mother tongue:
(1) The text „The artist‘s friend“ by Alfred Wollf is spoken by Bozena Folak in English. While we watch the caryatides she gently talks about an upraising wave of artists which is on the horizon. The reenactment causes long-forgotten cultural memories to resurface.
(2) „The art collector“ is embodied by Zauri Matikashvili who recites an opening speech by Hildebrand Gurlitt from 1956. These days Gurlitt is infamously well known for being one of the Third Reich‘s most prolific art looters. Hundreds of works of degenerate art were hoarded by his son Cornelius until his death in 2013. Back in 1947 after Hildebrand Gurlitt‘s successful denazification he became the first director of Düsseldorfer Kunstverein after the war.
(3) Autobiographical texts from the years 1929/1930 by three artists (Max Clarenbach, Arno Breker and Max Stern) are combined to one monologue about the beginning of a ficitonal artist‘s career. Minkyung Kim creates an intimate atmosphere when she recites this inner monologue in Korean and wanders through the corridors of the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf.