Nur wer die Arbeit kennt, der wird sie schätzen.

(Only those who know the work, will appreciate it)
The Salon Studio was the headquarters of the Union Produktion film studio for the duration of Emscherkunst 2016 in Dortmund, Germany. The short documentary is the result of a participative comunity project in the post industrial neighbourhood. Each chapter shows another everyday life situation which is reenacted by the residents who play themselves. The first chapter show teenage boys sitting in a garage, making fun of each other and experimenting with freestyle rap. The second chapter shows a young syrian couple that recently came to Germany. They tease each other about their plans for the weekend. On their smartphones they are checking updates on the situation in their home country syria. The third chapter shows two brothers playing jenga with each other. They receive a voice message. In the last chapter we follow two girls who explore an empty building in the neighbourhood. The building embodies the long gone glory of steel factories that existed in the past. A tension between fiction and documentary arises.